Are you suffering from plantar fasciitis (pain in your heel)? We are here to help and get rid in your pain in 6 treatments! 
Heel pain usually builds up gradually and gets worse over time. The pain is often severe and occurs when you place weight on your heel. In most cases, only one heel is affected, although estimates suggest that around a third of people have pain in both heels. The pain is usually worse first thing in the morning, or when you first take a step after a period of inactivity. Walking usually improves the pain, but it often gets worse again after walking or standing for a long time. 
There are a number of treatments that can help relieve heel pain and speed up your recovery. These include: 
resting your heel 
regular stretching 
pain relief 
wearing well fitted shoes that support and cushion your feet 
using supportive devices 
The NHS quote “Around four out of five cases of heel pain resolve within a year. However, having heel pain for this length of time can often be frustrating and painful. In about one in 20 cases, the above treatments aren’t enough and surgery may be needed to release the plantar fascia.” To read more, visit 
See what our clients have to say about our treatment 
“I have been to Sue on several occasions for treatments on many different aliments. When I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis I knew that Sue would be able to help. I was in terrible pain, especially first thing in the morning or after sitting for a long period. I struggled to put my foot down on the floor to weight bare, and felt like I was treading on a 3-pinned plug. My doctor told me treatments would take 6 months to ease my pain. I went to Sue and after each 1 hour treatment my pain reduced. She also treated my calf which released the tension in my heel. I had 6 treatments & the pain had totally gone. And, has never returned. I would thoroughly recommend this treatment for anyone suffering with plantar fasciitis. 
Rob Hopson, Coventry” 
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