Recently Auriculotherapy has become more popular in our clinic and we have been treating clients daily using this incredible technology. Here at AHT we most commonly treat insomnia, skin disorders, allergies, stress, pain management and ADHD. 
What is Auriculotherapy? 
The best way to look at Auriculotherapy is as modernised ear acupuncture. BUT, no needles are used – instead specialised micro-current treatment is utilised. It is recognised by many governments around the world and is catalogued by the World Health Organisation as a recognised therapy. 
Why do we use a micro current? 
Well mainly because there are no meridians on the ear, but what there is, is a rich plexus of cranial nerve and cervical plexus nerve endings. These regions operate at micro current levels of current (measured in millionths of amps). They also respond well to low frequencies. Since there are no acupuncture points in the ear, there are no points to needle anyhow. 
Research has found that the ear behaves as an electronic access point to the brain and can be used much like the keyboard on your computer to tap into the different sensory and motor regions as well as the more automatically functioning parts. It is very effective in 
improving your management of acute and chronic pain, neuralgias, and the list goes on and on. 
Most of the areas of the body are represented on the ear, in a similar way to the reflex zones of the hands and feet that most people have heard of. 
We have been treating a client over the last few weeks who has had a knee replacement and we were helping to reduce the swelling and pain, while quickening his recovery time. This treatment was directly around the knee and surrounding area. At the end of the treatment we have been using Auriculotherapy to aid his recovery. There are a number of different ear points which we have held the prob on for 4 seconds each time allowing the micro current to pass into the nerve endings and resulting in decreased overall pain, helping them recover a regular sleeping pattern, removing all medication left over in the body after the operation, allowing the client to relax clearing away stress along with many other positive side effects. 
So is Auriculotherapy for you? If you would like to find out more please contact us, we are very happy to help! 
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