The most common injury right now for Speedway riders is collar bone damage due to riders coming off over the handlebars. 

What the NHS recommends 

A broken collarbone, or fractured clavicle, is a common injury. It usually happens after a fall or a blow to the shoulder. 
It takes about 6 to 8 weeks to heal in adults, and 3 to 6 weeks in children. 
The collarbone is a long, slender bone that runs from the breastbone to each shoulder. 
You can feel it at the top of your chest, just below your neck. Tough bands of tissue (ligaments) connect the collarbone to the breastbone and shoulder blades. 

When to get medical help 

If you think you have injured your collarbone go to your nearest urgent treatment centre or call NHS 111 for advice. 
If the the injury is severe – for example, the bone is poking through the skin or the pain is unbearable – immediately call 999 or go straight to your nearest A&E department

What you should do 

While waiting to see a doctor, stabilise your arm using a towel as a sling – this goes under the forearm and then around the neck. Try to move your arm as little as possible. 
Painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, can help reduce the pain. Do not give aspirin to children under the age of 16. 
Holding an ice pack to the injured area can also help reduce the pain and swelling. A bag of frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel works well. But do not put ice directly onto your skin because it can burn. 

Symptoms of a broken collarbone 

A cracked or broken collarbone will be very painful. There may also be: 
swelling or tenderness around the injured area 
bruising to the skin 
bleeding if the bone has damaged the tissue and skin (this is rare) 
numbness or pins and needles if nerves in the arm are injured 
Your shoulder may be slumped downwards and forwards under the weight of the arm, as the broken collarbone is no longer providing support. 
There may have been a snapping or grinding noise when your collarbone broke. In severe cases, one end of the bone may poke through the skin. 

Treating a broken collarbone 

Most broken collarbones are left to heal naturally using a simple triangular sling to support the arm and hold the bones together in their normal position. 
The sling is usually fitted in hospital after an X-ray has confirmed the collarbone is broken. You'll be given painkillers to relieve the pain. 
Surgery under a general anaesthetic is only needed if the injury is severe – for example, where the bone has broken through the skin – or if the bones have failed to line up and are overlapping significantly. 
Several techniques can be used to repair the collarbone. Fixing the break with a plate and screws is the most common method. Your surgeon will explain the technique they're going to use and its advantages and disadvantages. 

Being discharged 

You may need to stay in hospital overnight, depending on the extent of the injury. 
Before you're discharged, you may see a physiotherapist, who can show you some gentle arm and shoulder exercises to do at home with your arm out of its sling. These will help reduce stiffness, relieve some of the pain, and strengthen your shoulder muscles. 


You'll probably need to go back to the hospital outpatient department about a week after being discharged to check your collarbone is healing properly. See your GP if you have any concerns before this appointment. 
Go back to the A&E department if you notice any weakness developing in your arm or hand, or the pain suddenly gets worse. 

How long does it take to heal? 

In adults, it usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks for a broken collarbone to heal, although it can take longer. In children, it usually takes about 3 to 6 weeks to heal. 
However, it will take at least the same period again to restore full strength to your shoulder. 
While the fracture heals, a lump may develop along your collarbone. This is normal, and often improves over the following months. 
Occasionally, the fracture does not heal and you may need surgery. This should be discussed with your surgeon. 

Recovery advice 

While recovering from a broken collarbone you may find it helpful to: 
use extra pillows at night to keep yourself more upright if you find sleeping uncomfortable 
use ice packs and painkillers if pain and swelling continues while your arm is in a sling 
move your elbow, hand and fingers regularly as soon as it's comfortable to do so 
remove the sling for short periods of time if it is not too painful (when you think the fracture has started to heal) 
do not play contact sports for at least 10 to 12 weeks after the injury – your doctor will tell you when you can go back to work and resume normal activities 
At Advanced Healing Therapies we can expediate the healing by 65 % 

Suffering with a broken or fractured bone? 

Are you suffering from a broken or fractured bone? 
Is it slow to heal? 
Have you been told following an x-ray that it is not healing quick enough? 
Here at Advanced Healing Therapies we can help to accelerate the body’s natural healing process, to help heal your broken or fractured bones here is how : 
The human body is made up of a vast number of cells. In many ways, the cells of the human body act like tiny batteries, storing and releasing energy. Each cell has a measurable electrical charge and therefore there is a constant energy flow maintained between cells throughout the electrical circuitry of the body. When damage or trauma occurs, there is a disruption in the production of electricity and a measurable decrease in the flow of energy through the tissues involved. 
Our therapy encourages blood flow and circulation to areas of damage; this in turn accelerate the body’s natural healing process. 
During treatment, the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse introduce mild electrical currents into the cells of your body in order to return the tissue to a normal level of electrical activity. This process may be likened to a “jump start” and “putting a charge” on the battery of a car. In this way, the instrument assists the body in accelerating the natural self-healing process. 
We have found that on average most people who have had treatment on a broken or fractured bone quickly after the injury, require 3-4 treatments to take away inflammation & to accelerate the healing of the bone. More importantly, the pain disappears quickly and you can sleep comfortably at night. 
Following a fall there will also be inflammation, muscle damage and ligament and tendon damage to contend with as well as the broken bone. 
Pain, inflammation and muscle spasms often result when muscles, ligaments or tendons are injured. The circulation in the injured areas is effected adversely. There is an accumulation of lactic acid and other waste products in the tissues. This slows the healing process. 
The Acuscope and Myopulse simultaneously measure and balance the abnormal electrical resistance in injured tissue. The electrical conductance of the injured tissue is examined and compared to a preprogrammed parameters for healthy tissue. When electrical conductance is outside the normal, healthy range, the instruments change the wave form, frequency, intensity and polarity to restore the tissue integrity to promote healing. 
When this energy is introduced into the cells, circulation, lymphatic drainage, waste product removal, cellular metabolism improve. The flow of other forms of biological energy similar to chi or vital force is accelerated. Acidic waste products are flushed from the tissues and the body’s healing powers are accentuated. This results in an accelerated healing response at the cellular level, leading to reduction of pain and improved function. 
Since its success in treating injuries at the 1984 Olympic games in Los Angeles, the Acuscope and Myopulse have been used extensively to treat Olympic, collegiate and professional athletes, as well as thousands of patients in the arena of pain and rehabilitative medicine. Acuscope and Myopulse treatment is completely safe and may be the only treatment necessary for a relatively recent injury. In older conditions, additional procedures are usually helpful in achieving the best overall recovery. 
See what our clients have to say about their treatments 
“I had undergone surgery on both of my feet in October 2015, the pain was more than I could have imagined and the swelling was so uncomfortable. I felt dreadful from the affects of the anaesthetic and the pain killers. I wasn’t sleeping and I was very irritable. 
I had heard about Sue’s treatment but I didn’t understand it could and questioned how it would help me. In fact it would be true to say that I was quite sceptical. 
One week after the operation, I called Sue in desperation as I just could not bare to carry on as I was, it was so bad I would try anything. 
I arrived at Sue’s clinic, which is a very comfortable and calm environment. Sue soon put me at ease and assured me that she could help. I still didn’t quite understand how. Sue assessed me and clearly detailed the treatment that I would receive and what the benefits would be. 
At the first visit my feet were still in bandages but my toes were exposed. Sue started by placing the headband and ear clips on me while I was all cosily wrapped up in blankets with a hot water bottle and she left me to relax to the sounds of the sea from her CD player. I hadn’t felt this relaxed since well before my operation and I quite easily could have fallen asleep. 
Then Sue used another instrument and used pressure points inside my ears similar to acupuncture to clear my system of the anaesthetic and pain killers. And then Sue used the instrument on my exposed feet to help reduce the pain and sharp stabbing sensations I was having. 
After my first treatment I was blow away, I felt so unbelievably better and the effects were immediate. I felt calmer and lighter, the pain had gone and especially the irritating stabbing sensations. This was all before I had left the clinic, I was converted and wanted to tell everyone how amazing this treatment was. 
That night I slept so well, the best night’s sleep in a long time and I felt much brighter the next day and my recovery improved over the coming days and weeks. 
I then had the bandages removed two weeks later and Sue treated me again for the second time, focusing on reducing the swelling and healing process of my surgical scars. We started again with the headband and ear clips, all cosy and relaxing. I’ve actually come to love that part of the treatment. 
Then Sue used the instrument on my feet, they looked like balloons and were painfully swollen. She also worked on the scars, the treatment is pain free and quite relaxing. Once Sue was finished I was amazed, the swelling had significantly reduced immediately. To the point that the skin was creased as it hadn’t had chance to shrink back during the treatment. And I have more range of movement in my feet now the swelling had reduced, allowing me to practice the exercises advised to me by my hospital consultant. 
Following the treatment and over the course of the following days, I just couldn’t stop looking at my feet, I was amazed how much the swelling had gone down and the scars were healing well. 
The hospital consultant advised me that my feet will be swollen for about 4 months, despite this, I’m happy to say that this has not been the case for me since the treatment given by Sue. I’ve managed to wear shoes again after only 8 weeks following my operation which I didn’t think would be possible and this is only after two treatments. 
I would honestly say that Sue has helped my recovery immensely, not only from a physical aspect but from a well being perspective. The treatment gave immediate relief from the pain and discomfort and accelerated the healing process. I would highly recommend Sue and her Advanced Healing Therapies to anyone who has undergone surgery.”  
Rachel Wade, HR Consultant, Opt HR Ltd. 
Read the below testimonials for muscle damage and getting back to sports quickly. 
“I want to say a big thank you to Sue for helping me to run again. I trapped a nerve in my back 2 weeks before being due to run the London Marathon. I had the conventional treatments of drug therapy and then osteotherapy for the first 8 weeks, but found I was no longer making progress. The 1st treatment with Sue had me off pain killers! A huge leap forward. 3 more treatments and I am running again. I ran 4 miles tonight with my partner for the 1st time in 3 months and I can’t describe how good that feels!! This treatment also helped my insomnia and an old pain in my knee. I cannot recommend this strongly enough.” 
Emma Coventry. 
"After breaking both sides of my ankle in a horse riding accident doctors said i'll more than likely have to have an operation and wouldn’t be able to ride for a long time. After only a couple of treatments doctors couldn’t believe how quick and well my ankle was healing and said it no longer need an operation. The doctors said no riding or wearing normal foot wear for 4 to 6 weeks post the cast being removed and even after that there could be a possibility it would be longer, but after only 2 weeks!! I was signed off and in normal shoes and riding! There’s not a shadow of a doubt without advanced healing I would still be struggling and not yet in any normal foot wear!" 
Jo Parry. 
If you have suffered an injury, broken or fractured bone and want to find out how Advanced Healing Therapies can help you heal faster get in contact and book a treatment today
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