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How do the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse reduce pain? 

The human body is made up of a vast number of cells. In many ways, the cells of the human body act like tiny batteries, storing and releasing energy. Each cell has a measurable electrical charge and therefore there is a constant energy flow maintained between cells throughout the electrical circuitry of the body. When damage or trauma occurs, there is a disruption in the production of electricity and a measurable decrease in the flow of energy through the tissues involved. 
During treatment, the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse introduce mild electrical currents into the cells of your body in order to return the tissue to a normal level of electrical activity. This process may be likened to a "jump start" and "putting a charge" on the battery of a car. In this way, the instrument assists the body in accelerating the natural self-healing process. 

The Science 

There was a time when the existence of ion channels was not fully established in science. That changed in 1991. The Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded to two German scientists, Bert Sakmann and Erwin Neher. 
Essentially, they had not only proved that ion channels exist: they also showed how significant they are to the overall well-being of the human body. 
This is the basis for the treatments we provide at Advanced Healing Therapies. 

Who else has used it? 

Over the last 30 years, major names from the world of sport have gone on record to say they use the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse system. 
Golf legend Jack Nicklaus has spoken about how he has benefitted from the treatment during his career. Other prominent advocates include former NFL star Terry Bradshaw and top ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky. 
In the United States and Canada, professional sports teams such as Toronto Maple Leafs (ice hockey) and Chicago White Sox (baseball) have Acuscopes as part of the standard equipment in their training rooms. 
If you are interested in a more detailed description of the technology you can download a PDF here
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