Do you have a caesarean scar which causes you pain or discomfort? 
Advanced Healing Therapies offer a treatment which will treat your scar and reduce any tightness you may be experiencing. The treatment will also reduce the appearance of your scar. 

How Advanced Healing Therapies can help 

Using our Headband and Earclips, we use cranial electrical stimulation (CES) to relax the body
By placing special electrodes on the ear lobes and the forehead, the Acuscope sends tiny electrical pulses and stimulates the central nervous system & returns the body to homeostasis – complete balance. 
The Headbands and Earclips will induce “Electro-Sleep” – many clients do sleep throughout the treatment! This is absolutely fine! 
A sophisticated formula designed to supply vital nutrients which will substantially increase collagen production necessary for cellular structure. This lucious cream reduces scar tissue, minimises wrinkles, repairs sun damage, diminishes or eliminates dark circles, brown spots and discolouration. 
Please read the below testimonial from one of our clients who came for her cesarean scar treatment...  


Following on from my sons birth which ended in an emergency caesarean under anaesthetic, I was left physically & emotionally scarred from the scary, rushed, but most rewarding experience of my life. My scar was “incredibly neat” in the words of the surgeon, and even to my untrained eye I was really lucky to be left with a very clean & thin scar, which over time was becoming silver & almost see through at one end. 
Once I had recovered from my surgery & started to exercise again, I felt like my scar was extremely tight inside & I worried that I would injure myself without having some help to ensure my scar was fully recovered internally. 
I went for a treatment at Advanced Healing Therapies as I know they work wonders on scar tissue. I felt nervous about the treatment, as nobody, including myself, has ever really touched my scar since my sons birthday. But I was made to feel at ease straight away & after having 15 minutes on the headbands & earclips, Sue began to gently treat my scar with lovely smelling oils & cremes. The treatment didn’t hurt in the slightest, it was just a gentle massage and you couldn’t feel the electro stimulation whatsoever. 
Following on from my treatment, my scar no longer feels tight when I exercise, and the appearance of my scar has reduced. 
I can’t thank Sue enough for treating my scar. I just wish I would have come to see you sooner! X 
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