At Advanced Healing Therapies, we use an Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse. The human body is made up of a vast number of cells. In many ways, the cells of the human body act like tiny batteries, storing and releasing energy. Each cell has a measurable electrical charge and therefore there is a constant energy flow maintained between cells throughout the electrical circuitry of the body. When damage or trauma occurs, there is a disruption in the production of electricity and a measurable decrease in the flow of energy through the tissues involved. 
This condition is generally accompanied by a sensation of pain in the area and usually results in the body’s inability to readily repair itself. During treatment, the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse introduce mild electrical currents into the cells of your body in order to return the tissue to a normal level of electrical activity. This process may be likened to a “jump start” and “putting a charge” on the battery of a car. In this way, the instrument assists the body in accelerating the natural self-healing process. 
The Electro-Myopulse 75 was specifically designed to provide today’s clinician with an expedient method for treatment of a wide variety of muscle and connective tissue problems. The applications include: 
Prevention or retardation of tissue atrophy 
Relaxation of muscle spasm 
Increasing local blood circulation 
Muscle reeducation 
Immediate post-surgical stimulation to prevent venous thrombosis 
Maintaining or increasing range of motion 
To accomplish this, the micro-current output waveforms were optimized to reflect changes in neuron muscle activity. This means the clinician has a expanded capability to assist the healing of the patient in a greater range of acute injury and chronic problems. 
What does a Physio do? 
Physiotherapists consider the body as a whole, rather than just focusing on the individual aspects of an injury or illness. 
Some of the main approaches used by physiotherapists include: 
education and advice – physiotherapists can give general advice about things that can affect your daily lives, such as posture and correct lifting or carrying techniques to help prevent injuries 
movement, tailored exercise and physical activity advice – exercises may be recommended to improve your general health and mobility, and to strengthen specific parts of your body 
manual therapy – where the physiotherapist uses their hands to help relieve pain and stiffness, and to encourage better movement of the body 
Testimonial from a physiotherapist 
“Testimonial for treatment received from Advanced Healing Therapies;  
I have been treating Jon for the past 12 months at the Bannatynes Spa in Leicester as a private patient. He was presenting with a complaint of pain and loss of mobility in his left shoulder. A sports injury, which occurred in approximately 2006, resulted in a dislocated shoulder and it appears the symptoms are related to this. 
Jon has also been examined by a specialist surgeon at Leicester Royal Infirmary who diagnosed a historical Rotator Cuff Tear that has led to symptoms consistent with Osteoarthritis of the shoulder. Aside from the inflammation in the shoulder joint which has caused reduced strength and mobility, there are signs of Crepitus caused by damage to the surrounding cartilage. This led to a long-term prognosis of increased muscle atrophy and weakness without suitable treatment. After consultation it was recommended that Jon could undergo surgery in order to remove any scar tissue and improve the condition of the shoulder joint. 
Jon has recently undergone three separate sessions of Electrical Stimulation provided by Advanced Healing Therapies over a period of 4-6 weeks. While I am not familiar with this treatment, having assessed the condition of the shoulder both before and after the treatment, I can confirm there has been a significant increase in mobility and reduction in inflammation and associated pain. 
While I am unable to confirm if this will provide a long-term resolution to the shoulder injury, I was impressed with the results of the treatment at this stage. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend this treatment to any clients suffering with similar conditions. I will also be further looking into the potential benefits of Electrical Stimulation as a viable alternative to surgical procedures for the treatment of such injuries. 
BSC Physiotherapy (Hons), Liverpool” 
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